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Yelp is an online review aggregator that allows users to rate and describe their experiences with local businesses.

How to Remove Information from Yelp

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If you’ve found your name on Yelp chances are you’re using your full name on your profile page. To use a screen name your initials or other more anonymous identifier log into your yelp.com account click the account settings link at the top of the page and edit the field with your name in it. If you have a business that serves the public there’s also a chance that your name appears in a review. If you feel the review is abusive or a dangerous violation of your privacy contact Yelp’s customer support. While they do not generally censor reviews they’re pretty good about protecting all of their users from abuse.


Yelp Privacy Policy, TOS and Removal

View the Yelp Privacy Policy here.

In some cases, a websites Terms of Service spells out ways to get your info off the site. This is sometimes referred to as a TOS removal. You can view Yelp’s TOS to see if it will help you get your info off Yelp.

Yelp Opt Out

For instructions to opt out of Yelp visit .