SawBuck is a realty site owned by HomeSnap. Like the other sites of their ilk SawBuck provides property listings and real estate information to its users.

How to Remove Information from Sawbuck

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SawBuck rarely attaches the property owner’s name to its listings. While it may be disconcerting to know that you home’s value is available on the internet no one searching for your name will be able to find that on SawBuck. Like most real estate sites SawBuck will not remove or redact information from its site unless it is incorrect. Because the information is readily available in the public record the site has no reason to remove individual listings.


Sawbuck Privacy Policy, TOS and Removal

View the Sawbuck Privacy Policy here.

In some cases, a websites Terms of Service spells out ways to get your info off the site. This is sometimes referred to as a TOS removal. You can view Sawbuck’s TOS to see if it will help you get your info off Sawbuck.

Sawbuck Opt Out

For instructions to opt out of Sawbuck visit .