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Remove Online Complaints

How Do You Remove Negative Consumer Complaints from the Internet?

When an angry customer with an ax to pick goes online to vent about your business, brand or services, it can become a PR nightmare in the blink of an eye. Consumer complaint websites like Ripoff Report and PissedConsumer aim to help educate the public about scams, faulty products, sketchy services and unethical business practices.

While the objective of consumer complaint sites is commendable, the impact of these sites on the businesses that people post complaints about is highly controversial. Most consumer complaint sites allow for anonymous users to submit unverified claims about their (supposed) experience with businesses. Because these sites rarely (if ever) verify the validity of complaints anonymous users submit, and because the user generated content is unmoderated, the claims made by consumers are often exaggerated or downright false. False complaints and exaggerated accounts of negative experiences posted on consumer complaints websites can destroy the reputation of a business and drive-away potential customers searching for your services online.

How Do We Handle Online Complaints

A number of options are available to businesses owners to help minimize the impact of negative posts on complaints board sites.  Our content removal experts are experienced in using all of the below strategies to remove consumer complaints from the internet.

Complete Removal of Consumer Complaints

Deleting the page(s) on which the complaints appear directly from the consumer complaints website(s).  This is the most effective and most desirable method available to get rid of negative consumer complaints online.

We can remove posts from a number of consumer complaint sites, including the following.

  • InComplaint.com
  • ScamGroup.com
  • BadBizReport.com
  • WhoScammedYou.com
  • ComplaintsBoard.com
  • Complaints.com
  • Private-Complaints.com
  • Scamorg.com
  • ScamBoard.com
  • Scambook.com
  • ReviewsTalk.com
  • USComplaints.com
  • Canada-Complaints.com
  • Scam.com

Remove Complaints from Search Engines with De-Indexing

When website administrators of a consumer complaints website are unresponsive to demands to take down negative remarks, you can ask search engines like Google and Bing to remove pages from their index – this is known as deindexing a page.  After a page is de-indexed, it will no longer appear in search engine results.

We’ve developed quick solutions to deindex complaints on a number of websites including Ripoff Report.

Hide Online Complaints with Search Engine Suppression

When neither removal nor deindexing is successful, a complaint can be suppressed (or buried) in search engine results.  Burying consumer complaints is achieved through a process known as Reverse SEO.  Using Reverse SEO, we can get other content to rank above the negative complaints. Eventually, the process will push the negative consumer complaint result to a page far back (at least page 3) on search engine results pages (SERPs).  Because people rarely go beyond page 2 of search engine results, suppression is an effective way to hide consumer complaints and prevent the negative remarks from being found by potential customers searching online.

Remove Online Information offer search engine suppression services to bury any consumer complaint that we are unable to remove or deindex.

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