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How do I Remove Myself from Criminal Background Check Websites?

Do you have a checkered past or a criminal record?  No matter how old these records are they will likely show up when you’re searched for on criminal background websites.  Nobody wants their old criminal records showing up on a background check site.  Not only is it embarrassing but it can negatively impact your professional career.  For instance, nearly all employers perform background checks prior to hiring on new employees.

If your name shows up on an employers background check it’s unlikely you’re going to get the job.  Luckily for those with a criminal past they’d like to forget (and like for the internet to forget) we have devised methods to delete people’s criminal records from all notable online background checks.

It’s highly advised that you take the measures to have your criminal background records and other private information removed from the internet as soon as you can.  Below you will find instructions to get your name, personal data and records completely removed from background check sites.

Background Check Removal

Delete Yourself from Online Background Checks

Knowx Removal


How to Remove Information from KnowX KnowX Privacy Policy, TOS and Removal View the KnowX Privacy Policy here. In some cases,
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USSEARCH com Removal

How to Remove Information from USSearch com Privacy Policy, TOS and Removal View the Privacy Policy here. In some
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How to Remove Information from Backgroundsonline Backgroundsonline Privacy Policy, TOS and Removal View the Backgroundsonline Privacy Policy here. The Terms of
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TracersInfo com Remove

How to Remove Information from To remove your data from TracersInfo follow the instructions below. Privacy Policy, TOS
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How to Remove Information from FindLaw FindLaw is much like CaseText and Justia; it's a court record website that boasts
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CaseText is a court records site that allows legal professionals to research case documents and judgements. How to Remove Information from CaseText
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GoLookUp connects and extracts hundreds of millions of up to date data records and sorts them out in one easy
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BackgroundFinder is an like most people search sites, complete with an incredibly difficult to find opt out form. Use the steps below
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ID True Removal


IDTrue is a Criminal & Public Record Search Site that claims to allow internet users to find out the truth
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Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a people search site and data-aggregator that displays personal information found online and in public records. Instant
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What is People Lookup? is a people-search website owned by Intelius. You’ll likely find your name address age and
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Think anyone with an internet connection should be able to run a criminal background check on you? eVerify does. With
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LookupAnyone Removal


LookupAnyone may appear outdated and a little less slick than some of the other people search websites out there but
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ProfiLogical is a data management company based in Ohio. We currently maintain and manage over 450000000 records for various data-based
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Advanced Background Checks Removal

Advanced Background Checks

Advanced Background Checks offers exactly that–access to all sorts of personal information that in the aggregate amounts to a full-fledged
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BeenVerified is a people search website with a slick interface that advertises itself as a tool to look up anyone’s
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TruthFinder is another annoying site that pores over hundreds of millions of available public records social network data and more
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Affordable Criminal Background Check Removal Services

We'll Offer the Most Affordable Way to Remove Your Background Records from Multiple Criminal History Checks

We offer a more complete background check removal service than any other company and for a price that is far more affordable.  Clear your name from background check websites, personal data aggregates, and major data brokers for just $29/month.  No commitment; Cancel anytime.

If the criminal background checking website that you want to get your information removed from is not listed above please use the contact us page to let us know about the website.  Chances are we already have a solution to remove records from the background site in question, and if not we’ll do our best to find a solution to get records taken off any site that’s published your criminal background records online.

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