Fast People Search Removal

How to remove information from

What is Fast People Search?

Fast People Search is a type of data broker website. Data brokers collect and compile personal information from a variety of sources, including public records and online activity, and then provide this information to users, often for a fee.

Fast People Search offers its users the ability to look up people by name, phone number, or address. The service provides various types of information such as current and previous addresses, possible relatives, phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

While such services can be used for legitimate purposes, like reconnecting with old friends or conducting background checks, they also pose privacy concerns. These sites make a large amount of personal information readily available to anyone with internet access, which can be used for malicious purposes like identity theft or stalking. That’s why many people choose to remove their information from these types of websites.

How did I get on

Fast People Search, like many other data broker websites, aggregates personal information from a variety of public and private sources. This is how they compile the information they display on their site. Here are some of the typical sources from which they might gather data:

  1. Public Records: This is one of the primary sources of information for data brokers. Public records include things like court documents, property records, marriage licenses, business licenses, and more. These are documents that are publicly accessible and contain a wealth of information about individuals.
  2. Online Activity: Data brokers also collect information from your online activities. This can include things like social media profiles, online purchases, web browsing history, and other digital footprints that you leave behind when you use the internet.
  3. Third-Party Data Sharing: Many businesses sell or share customer information with third parties, including data brokers. This can include things like your purchase history, contact information, and more. For example, if you’ve ever checked a box agreeing to a company’s terms of service without reading the fine print, there’s a chance you agreed to have your data shared or sold.
  4. Directories and Listings: Phone directories, professional directories, and similar listings are another source of information for data brokers. These directories often contain contact information and other details about individuals.
  5. Surveys and Registrations: If you’ve ever filled out a survey or registered a product, that information may be collected by data brokers.
  6. Financial Records: Though certain information is protected, data brokers may be able to access information about your property ownership, mortgage records, and more.

To minimize the amount of your personal information that ends up in the hands of data brokers, it’s important to be mindful about who you’re sharing your information with, read privacy policies, and opt out of data sharing whenever possible. Note, however, that some data, such as that in public records, is very difficult to prevent from being accessed.

How can I get my information removed from Fast People Search?

If you’ve found your name and personal information on Fast People Search, and want to remove it, follow the seven steps below:

  1. Go to Fast People Search’s opt-out page: Visit their official website and locate the “Opt-Out” or “Remove My Information” link. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the opt-out page was at this URL:
  2. Enter your information: Fill out the form with your full name, city, and state. Be sure to provide accurate information, as this will help the website locate your specific listing.
  3. Locate your record: After submitting your information, you’ll see a list of search results that match your name and location. Browse through the results to find your specific record. If you can’t find it, try modifying your search query, as your information may be listed under a slightly different name or location.
  4. Request removal: Once you’ve located your record, click the “View Details” button to see more information. On the next page, you should find an option to remove your record. Click this link, and you’ll be asked to confirm your request.
  5. Provide a valid email address: To complete the removal process, you may be asked to provide a valid email address. This is for the purpose of sending a confirmation email that you’ll need to click to verify your removal request.
  6. Confirm your request: Check your email inbox for a message from Fast People Search. Open the email and click the confirmation link provided. This will confirm your removal request and initiate the process of deleting your information from their website.
  7. Monitor your information: Although your information should be removed from Fast People Search within a few days, it’s a good idea to periodically check back to ensure that your information stays off the site. Additionally, be aware that your information may still be accessible on other data broker websites, so it’s important to continue monitoring your online presence and requesting removal from other sites as necessary.

Please note that the process may change over time, and the website’s URL or opt-out procedures may be updated. Always refer to the most current information on the site to ensure you’re following the correct steps.