Remove Social Media Profiles, Posts and Information from the Internet

Do you feel like your personal information is exposed on too many social media websites.  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Medium…it can all be a lot to take in.  If you want to delete your online identity, social media profiles is a good place to start.  Below you’ll find opt out and removal policies of major social networking sites.  It should get you off on the right foot if you’re looking to wipe the web clear of your social media profile information and photos.

Google Profiles (Google+)

Google Profiles (Google+)

Ah Google Plus. It tried so hard to be the next Facebook but now it’s just that forgotten profile that


IMDB is an index of movies television and entertainment industry professionals. How to Remove Information from IMDB


Popscreen is a video prediction site that aims to show its users the most popular videos on the internet. The


Ah Google Plus. It tried so hard to be the next Facebook but now it’s just that forgotten profile that

Google Groups

Google Groups is a social tool that lets users create discussion spaces. Groups can be public or private and membership


With something like a billion users even our parents are on Facebook now. The social networking behemoth boasts more personal


Twitter is a very popular microblogging platform that lets users share updates in 140 characters or fewer. Because Twitter’s content
How to Remove from Tumblr | Remove Online Information

Tumblr Removal

Tumblr is a social blogging platform that allows users to quickly post text and media to a custom URL and


Pinterest is a social mood board that lets users post media from all over the web to virtual boards. These


F6S is a social/career network for startup founders. Users log in with either a Facebook or LinkedIn profile in order


Flickr is Yahoo’s photo sharing community. Users upload tag and share their personal photos with other members and the web


MySpace is a social network that lets users create profiles and add friends. How to Remove Information from MySpace is a social gathering tool that lets like-minded people set up in-person activity groups through its online interface. Sign


Whether you once lost three hours to cat videos or you just really love watching the videos of your grandkid


Foursquare is a social recommendation site that learns your tastes and recommends new things based on your location. It also

WordPress is a popular blogging platform that gives users the tools to publish content quickly and easily. How to Remove


Scribd is essentially a document repository where users upload content that can be viewed (and searched) by the public. The


Viadeo is a French professional networking site similar to LinkedIn. How to Remove Information from Viadeo


Chances are if you have a job or you’re looking for a job you’ve used LinkedIn. It’s a social network


.docstoc was a document publishing and sharing service that allows individuals to upload and broadcast documents of varying types to


GitHub is a web-based code repository that includes collaboration code review and code management tools. How to Remove Information from

Don’t see the website from which you want to remove your online information?  Find out how to remove content from more web sites here.