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YellowPages.com is exactly what it sounds like–an online phone book focused primarily on local businesses. However the site also includes a people search component and that means your home address and phone number could be exposed.

How to Remove Information from YellowPages.com

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Search for your name and state from the home page. Click on the listing that matches your address and your name. Click the link just below your name that reads “Are you ____? remove listing”. Make sure the information on the form is correct fill in the captcha and click the submit.


YellowPages.com Privacy Policy, TOS and Removal

View the YellowPages.com Privacy Policy here.

In some cases, a websites Terms of Service spells out ways to get your info off the site. This is sometimes referred to as a TOS removal. You can view YellowPages.com’s TOS to see if it will help you get your info off YellowPages.com.

YellowPages.com Opt Out

For instructions to opt out of YellowPages.com visit http://corporate.yp.com/contact-us/.

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