Can a Negative News Story be Removed from Google?

In a perfect setting, we would be able to take down all outdated, unfair, and negative Internet search results about ourselves. But in reality that isn’t always the case. In fact, is almost impossible to completely remove unfavorable newspaper articles from most online sources.

How to Remove Negative Press News from SearchEven if you succeed in your endeavor to remove news articles from the internet, creating positive content about yourself to suppress the negative news article is also very crucial. It is an effective way to improve your search engine results and control your image on the internet when negative news is published about you or your business.

It is important to note that trying to remove old newspaper articles from the internet is difficult, as contacting Google leads to an auto reply that directs you to the webmaster. And that’s where it gets difficult. Getting in touch with the webmaster of the news sites you want to remove an article from can be overwhelming (especially when your name is mentioned in more than one articles or by numerous sites).

So how do you remove negative news article about your company from the Internet?

Read further and learn the steps that can guide you through this process.

What To Consider Before Trying To On Remove a Negative News Article From The Internet

When looking to remove newspaper articles from online sources that say negative things about you, there are several things to evaluate before carrying on. These considerations can include answering all or any of the below questions:

  • How long has the article been online, and is it outdated already?
  • Is your personal information in the article (such as financial records, social security information, or data on minors)?
  • Is copyrighted material published within the article?
  • Who published the article?
  • Are there defamatory or derogatory comments in the article?
  • Is the article inaccurate or unfair?

How To Remove a Newspaper Article that is Negative From Google

So, how can you take control of your online reputation? What must happen for you to be able to remove negative press release news about your business from Google search results, and/or the Internet as well?

Bury News Article Links on Your Search Results

Burying bad news articles on internet searches can be achieved by those well versed in Search Engine Optimization and online reputation management. Suppressing a negative news link to push it off the first few pages of Google Search Results Pages (SERPs), where most people look, involves the following steps:

Set Up And Manage Your Own Public Profiles

Some websites are consistent as high ranking sites in search engine results. By creating a profile for yourself on them (using your name and some identifying information), you will be able to suppress the negative results. Make sure you set privacy settings to appear to the public and post content that you are sure won’t make you regret later.

Stay Active On The Internet By Commenting Publicly In Forums, News Articles, And Social Media

You can use your name to sign up on news sites and comment on the articles posted there. If you are prepared for a self-censorship, posting content under your actual name can be a big plus. It is a smart way to sell yourself. With the knowledge that whatever you say online will show up when anyone Googles you, it is smart to make good use your postings. Try to post intelligent, spell-checked, and grammatically-correct, well-reasoned content.

Contact the newspaper offices, to explain that there is a correction you have to make. Ask for the department that ran your story, which can include the city desk, the sports desk or the features desk. Go to the newsroom and editors if you know that it is only the online edition of the article, not the print version, that contains the offending content about you.

Link Amongst Your Different Sites

One way that Google determines the rank of a website in search page results is by analyzing the number of times that other sites linked to it. You can make your content rank above the negative newspaper article on Google search results by linking it back to itself. Take for example, after creating a Twitter account, you connect it to your FormSpring and connect both of them to your Facebook page, before linking them to your Blogger page.

Additionally, the more your social media and other online accounts are used to interact with others, the more they are likely to link to your content, helping to push these results up higher on search results and bury the unwanted news article.

Take Down Negative Keywords

If the searches for your name are positive, but include a particular keyword that brings negative or unwanted news articles in search engine results, ensure you reclaim that term. For example a search for James Monty comes positive, but a search for James Monty + State College results in negative search results. James Monty should start with the phrase State College on the positive content creation so as to associate it with your good reputation.

Get Help Removing an Online Article from Search Results with our Proven Content Removal System

The online reputation of every individual is very precious. This is why we have dedicated a sizable investment as a company to develop highly advanced solutions to remove this kind of internet information, thus protecting your online reputation. The majority of the newspapers don’t care about your reputation and online privacy, but we do.

We have created strategies to address news articles on Google Search, and other major search engines. So if you want to remove your name from a newspaper article that shows up online, contact us for more information on our proprietary solutions to remove news articles, and clean up unwanted information on Google Search Results.