Can You Get False Info Removed from

If you’ve found that your personal information appears on you probably have a lot of questions; like is this a complete scam? How did Predators Alerts get my phone number and photo? What’s the best course of action one can take to ensure that her personal details and picture(s) are permanently deleted from the site and taken off search engines?

Guaranteed Removal

Get Your Name and Number of PredatorsAlerts Today! We Offer Complete Removal of Personal Information on

We offer guaranteed removal of posts. If you find your name or information posted online at use we can help you get it removed from Google and the internet.  We have developed proven solutions to make sure doesn’t show up when your name is searched online.

Our Removal Solution

We can help you clear your name from

How? First, we will delete the post from and then we de-index the broken link from all major search engines. Our guaranteed solutions offer several ways to get false content removed off the website and ensure the links and content with your personal information – e.g. your first and last name, phone number, email address, picture – from results on all major search engines.

[list style=”list1″ bullet_color=”#3ec732″]

  • Guaranteed Online Infomraiton Removal in 5 to 10 Business Days.
  • Removes All Post Content (including personal information) pictures, comments, etc.)
  • Permanent Removal: Guarantee that Your Info Will Not Be Re-posted
  • Live customer support[/list]

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