Blockshopper is a real estate information website which posts detailed information about residential and commercial properties. They usually include things like physical details estimated value and whether or not the property is for sale or lease as well as the full names and tax information of the buyers and sellers.

Remove BlockShopper

How to Remove Information from BlockShopper

Like most real estate sites Blockshopper will not remove or redact information from its site unless the information is incorrect.Because the information is public record, BlockShopper has no reason to remove individual listings.

However, the site is required by law to remove personal information under two circumstances:

  1. You have a court order or other document that proves you’re the victim of stalking or other similar threats of violence, or
  2. You are a law enforcement officer or class of public official that is statutorily protected from appearing in public records databases. If this is the case contact Blockshopper at and explain your situation they’re pretty quick to respond.

BlockShopper Removal Instructions

If either of the above-mentioned conditions applies to you, you can apply to opt-out of BlockShopper by emailing BlockShopper at or by completing the submission for at with your removal request.