Busted Newspaper is a mugshot website that gets the arrest records and mugshot photos it publishes by scraping U.S. sheriff and jail databases. The website then publishes this content to the web, on which it is often highly visible on search engines like Google and Bing.

Get Busted Newspaper Mugshots Removed

Because mugshots and arrest records are public records, mugshot websites like BustedNewspaper.com are not obligated to remove your mugshot photo or arrest information. Busted Newspaper offers a limited set of tools for removal but only under specific circumstances. Note that in order to remove a sealed or expunged record you will need to attach the appropriate court documentation to any removal request you are able to submit to BustedNewspaper.com.

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RemoveOnlineInformation.com offers guaranteed solutions to remove Busted Newspaper mugshots and criminal reports. Our proven mugshot removal service has helped 1000s erase mugshots from BustedNewspaper.com and 100s of similar sites.

Is Removal Possible via BustedNewspaper.com Opt-Out

Currently, BustedNewspaper.com does not offer those with records present on the site with an option to delete mugshot records without proof that the offense has been sealed or expunged.