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PeopleFinders is a people-search website with the tagline “find anyone anywhere”. They usually expose your name address phone number age and nearest relatives.

How to Remove Information from PeopleFinders.com

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Naviate to PeopleFinders’ Record Management Page. Search for your name and click ‘This is me’ on the record that matches your information. On the next page click ‘Opt out my info’ button. Complete the CAPTCHA puzzle and submit the form by clicking ‘Continue’. Wait 24 hours for your records to be removed from their website


PeopleFinders.com Privacy Policy, TOS and Removal

View the PeopleFinders.com Privacy Policy here.

In some cases, a websites Terms of Service spells out ways to get your info off the site. This is sometimes referred to as a TOS removal. You can view PeopleFinders.com’s TOS to see if it will help you get your info off PeopleFinders.com.

PeopleFinders.com Opt Out

For instructions to opt out of PeopleFinders.com visit .

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