What is RecentlyBooked.com?

RecentlyBooked.com is a website that publishes arrest records and mugshot images from recent criminal arrest bookings around the United States. Currently RecentlyBooked.com covers nearly 45 U.S. States, and has a total of almost a quarter million arrest records searchable on the website.

Where did RecentlyBooked.com get your mugshot?

Like most other arrest record search engines and mugshot gallery websites, RecentlyBooked.com obtains the mugshot images and arrest information it publishes from county sheriff’s offices, jails, and other public record sources.

Is this legal?

Because in most cases arrest records, police reports and mugshot photos are in the public domain in the United States, while controversial, it is perfectly legal for websites like RecentlyBooked.com to publish these public records on it’s website, and on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Recently Booked Removal - How to remove mugshot records from RecentlyBooked.com

RecentlyBooked.com Mugshot Removal

Unless the arrest report published on RecentlyBooked.com has been sealed or expunged, you may be hard pressed when trying to remove the record yourself.  Even for those with sealed or expunged arrests on RecentlyBooked.com, quick and permanent removal is best achieved with the help of professionals.

We can those looking for prompt and private removal of RecentlyBooked.com records.  Recently Booked.com is one of over 100 mugshot publishing websites from which our experienced internet information removal team frequently removes content.  If your arrest information and/or mugshot booking photo is posted on RecentlyBooked.com, removing the records is critical to maintain a positive online presence.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you get arrest mugshots removed off Google and the internet.

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