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Reunion.com Removal

We’ve all heard of Reunion.com–find all of your high school classmates! But how much information do you really want the kid who used to beat you up behind the gym to be able to dig up on you? Or how about all of the randoms with an internet connection who didn’t go to your high school?

How to Remove Information from Reunion.com

The good news is that Reunion.com is now part of myLife! To opt out of myLife contact Customer Care at 1-888-704-1900 or by email at privacy@mylife.com.

Reunion.com Removal

Reunion.com Privacy Policy, TOS and Removal

View the Reunion.com Privacy Policy here.

In some cases, a websites Terms of Service spells out ways to get your info off the site. This is sometimes referred to as a TOS removal. You can view Reunion.com’s TOS to see if it will help you get your info off Reunion.com.

Reunion.com Opt Out

Reunion.com is now owned by MyLife.  For more detailed information and instructions to remove your information from MyLife and Renuion.com here.

How to Remove Your Information from Other Person Data Aggregate Websites

Get your personal information removed from other person finder websites. Start with the sites below.

Remove TruePeopleSearch Information

How to Remove Information from TruePeopleSearch.com Scroll to the bottom of the TruePeopleSearch.com homepage and click Privacy Policy to view the websites privacy policy. (/privacy) At the top of the Privacy Policy page you'll see "For record removal requests please click here" (/removal). Click the "here" link. On the next page you'll find a list
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WhitePages Removal

White Pages is a people finder site that does exactly what its name implies–it acts as an online phone book aggregating information included but not limited to your name address phone number age nearest relatives past residences and email address. Note that WhitePages is an independent data broker that is in no way affiliated with
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IDTrue is a Criminal & Public Record Search Site that claims to allow internet users to find out the truth on anyone! Do you want to know if a person has ever been arrested married before a sex offender or been evicted? ID True reports give you an unfiltered view on the person you are
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Classmates.com aggregates yearbook and class lists from all over the country in order to let users search for people by city or school. How to Remove Information from Classmates.com