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How to Remove a Post from a Cheater Website

Your internet reputation is defined by what people say about you online. These day’s keeping your name clean online is as important as a good resume. Unfortunately, websites commonly referred to as Cheater Websites provide a way for anonymous internet users to smear the names of spouses, lovers, people they believe to be unfaithful, or people they simply don’t like.

Until recently there was little recourse those who’ve had false accusations, personal information, and/or photos posted on a cheater website could take to have the post deleted from the website and taken off search engines like Google and Bing without spending an arm and a leg to hire a lawyer for an uncertain outcome.  We’re proud to be able to say that the Remove Online Information team has helped change that for good by developing solutions and unrolling services that are guaranteed to eliminate any and all traces of revenge content posted to cheater websites.

100s of Revenge Fueled Posts Removed from Dozens of Cheater Websites in 2018

Our Cheater Website Removal Services are Second to None

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  • Experience – We remove 100s of cheater posts each year.
  • Guaranteed Removal – We guarantee complete removal from cheater websites.
  • Complete Removal – We eliminate all traces of the cheater post (links, comments, images, etc.).
  • Search Engines Included – After deleting the post, we remove the dead link from search engines.
  • Republication Protection – We offer solutions to monitor the web and protect against cheater post republication or other defamatory postings online [/list]

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Cheater Post Removal Process

Getting Cheater Posts off the Internet

At RemoveOnlineInformation, we’ve come up with a handful of techniques to have content posted to cheater sites like, She’s A Homewrecker and, swiftly removed from the sites on which the posts are published and the results of search engines, such as Google Search. Which strategy our technicians utilize to eliminate the content depends largely on which cheater revenge websites we’ll be taking it down from.  So far our cheater website removal services have successfully removed posts from over 30 cheater revenge sites.

How to Remove False Cheater Site Content

Legal Defamation Removal 

Involuntary Porn Removal

DMCA Takedowns

Website Admin Negotiations

Removing a Cheater Website Link from Google Search Results

After we’ve successfully removed the offending post from the cheater website, we go the extra mile to ensure that the content is taken off Google Search Results and other search engines in a timely manner as possible. Removing a cheater revenge post from Google Search can take up to 72 hours after we’ve deleted the post from the website.

Monitoring Cheater Websites Protects Against Republication

After removing the revenge post from the source (cheater) websites and search engines, nobody will be able to find any trace of the post online when Googling your name or looking you up on any major search engine. But at Remove Online Information, we believe in going above and beyond the call of duty in our effort to protect the personal information of our clients. To do this, we had our developers create a custom monitoring tool that we use to track cheater website publications and send alerts if a cheater post that we removed is republished or a new post is published.

If the cheater post is republished you’ll be alerted and we’ll get the new occurrence of the offending content taken down before people see it, or worse yet, share it on social networking sites, blogs, etc.

Cheater Websites Removal

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